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No Monthly Data Caps .No Overage Fees .No Speed Reductions, Ever!

If you’re looking for fast, reliable internet and exceptional customer service, you’re in the right place.

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Our Fastest Internet Package

Get a consistent, steady connection and internet speeds of 10 Mbps. We don’t play the “up-to” game and you’ll always get the speed you pay for.

Business Internet

A consistent internet connection keeps your customers in touch with your business. You can choose an outstanding, standard package or we can customize point-to-point service for you.

Bare-Bones and Reliable

If recreational surfing and music streaming is what you do, our Bare-Bones package (2 Mbps) may be just your speed. And, it’s just as consistent as our fastest service.

The Speed and Dependability of Wireless

It’s up to 10-times faster than dial-up and easier and cheaper than fiber, which makes wireless radio waves the ideal way to ensure you get trouble-free, affordable internet service.  

A Quick Start-Up with Easy Pre-Qualification

Forget your last internet installation – you won’t have to wait weeks and have multiple appointments to get your new internet service started. Our prequalification tools allow us to determine whether you’re in our coverage area right from our office. We’ll schedule an appointment to install you as quickly as we’re able – no extra waiting or appointments!

Responsive Service

Whenever you have a question about your service, bill or just want to explore package options, give us a call. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service reps will work hard to exceed your expectations.

24-Hour Tech Support

Yes, you read that right. If you experience a disruption in your service, no matter what time of day, call 888-723-2291 for expert support.

Great for Gamers

If you like spending your free time with your game remote, our fastest internet service (10 Mbps) is for you. You’ll enjoy the smooth, dependable data flow so you can prepare to become a Master Gamer.

No Contracts

When you choose Midwaynet as your internet provider there are no minimum service requirements.

You Deserve Trouble-Free Service

At Midwaynet, our easy prequalification, fast installation and rapid, reliable service give you what you want for all your internet needs. Plus, you’ll also be delighted by our friendly service. Don’t wait any longer.